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Christmas in the Wild Murchison Falls National Park 24th 26th Dec2023

On 24th Dec,2023 our guide embarked on a 3days Christmas in the Wild Safari to Murchison Falls National Park with our clients. It was a great Safari and our clients had unforgettable experience in the Wild. A Lot of gems were spotted like Lions, Leopard, Elephant, African Cape Buffalo, Giraffes,…

Tourists : 6 Posted on : 2024-01-04 23:24:47 Event date : 2023-12-24 Read more..

Christmas in Semliki Valley National Park

Sempaya Hot Springs(Female hot spring called Nyasimbe and Male spring called Bitente) are located in Semuliki Valley National Park which is located at the edge of the great Ituri Forest which borders Uganda and DR.Congo in the remote western side of the Rwenzori Mountain.

Semuliki National Park is one of the…

Tourists : 5 Posted on : 2024-01-04 20:36:49 Event date : 2023-12-25 Read more..

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This beautiful family booked their 3 days Christmas in the Wild Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park with us Kings of the Jungle Tours and Travel for a memorable holiday season. 
You too can book for your family a trip with us at a good cost.
For inquiries, 
+256 753365787 Prince Kiweewa…

Tourists : 5 Posted on : 2023-12-17 17:13:54 Event date : 2022-12-25 Read more..

3 Days Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Hello our dear clients,We wanna thank you and welcome you guys back from the Wild Safari to Murchison Falls National Park. I hope our services  brought a smile to your face and made the Safari memorable!
Thanks for supporting our business. We know there are many other Safari Companies you could’ve…

Tourists : 4 Posted on : 2023-12-17 16:08:56 Event date : 2023-12-12 Read more..

Christmas in Murchison Falls National Park

It was on 25th Dec,2021 when this family decided to have their Christmas celebrated from the Wild. We picked up them from their home at 6:00am and we transferred them to Murchison Falls National Park and everything moved on very well as we had planned before. We drove them through…

Tourists : 5 Posted on : 2022-04-08 15:56:18 Event date : 2021-12-25 Read more..

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femaleJustine Ssembajjwe On 2023-12-27 19:30:55

Thank u so much for having supported my family to enjoy Christmas holidays for 3 good years now.

femaleDoryn On 2023-12-16 10:57:13

Thanx a lot Ivan and Isaac for the great trip . Best safari

femalePatronella On 2023-12-16 07:52:30

Just want to give two thumbs up to Ivan our guide and Isaac our driver. Couldn’t have asked for a better team. They made our trip to Murchison Falls National Park memorable. Ivan’s genuine interest in tourism comes through as he patiently explains or gives you the facts. While he has probably been on similar trips lots of time, not once did it feel like he was rushing us. The safari was without doubt one of the best I have been on.